Wondering what songs will be featured in the "Sounds of Autumn" series? From the global gaming sensation of "Super Mario Bros" to the fantastical dreams of "Castle in the Sky"; from the "Big Fish" that wanders in the silent waves, to the love story of "Flying Birds” and the ancient colors of "Clear Reflections"… Welcome to the fantastic Chinese Music Journey!

Roam the sea with traditional Chinese quartet 'Big Fish'

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Composer: Qian Lei

Guzheng: Li Fan

Erhu: Zheng Meng

Pipa: Wang Jing

Tenor Ruan: Lu Ping

          Silence is the waves overwhelming the clouds; the wind tells the story of the big fish. This poetic piece from the Chinese movie “Big Fish and Begonia” is artistically performed with traditional Chinese instruments: Tenor "ruan" (alto lute), "guzheng" (Chinese zither), "erhu" (two-stringed fiddle), and "pipa" (four-stringed Chinese lute).

Level up 'Super Mario Bros' with traditional Chinese instrument 'ruan’

Composer: Kondo Koji

Ruan: Xu Linlin

          Who doesn’t recognize the “SuperMarioBros" theme song, the lively melody  that is like an energetic and curious young child. What if we played this world-famous song with a traditional Chinese instrument?

          Our artist from CNODDT Folk Music Troupe is here to perform this classic piece with the Chinese four-stringed round lute - "ruan". Let’s enjoy this unique fusion of music!

Chinese instrument trio 'Flying Birds'

Composer: Wang Jianan

Guzheng: Li Fan

Bamboo Flute: Huang Kai

Pipa: Luo Yi

          In ancient times, poets used birds as a metaphor for the realization of ideals and transcendence. In this performance, the guzheng (Chinese zither) and the pipa (four-stringed lute) play harmoniously with each other. The bamboo flute joins in to create a sanguine and unfettered trio of the “Flying Birds”.

Chinese instrument quartet 'Castle in the Sky'

Composer: Joe Hisaishi

Adaptation: Yu Fan

Pan Flute: Ma Yunhe

Bamboo Flute: Sun Chubo

Xun: Zheng Peng

Xiao: Huang Kai

          CastleintheSky is a pure and flawless dream decorated with fantasy; it is simple yet magnificent, plain yet colorful. The piece conveys the relentless pursuit of dreams, as the ethereal “xun” (Chinese ocarina), the lingering of the “xiao” (Chinese vertical bamboo flute) and the tranquility of the bamboo flute express the courage of dream chasers everywhere.

Chinese instrument trio 'Clear Reflections'

Composer: Wang Jianan

Guzheng: Lei Dianyun

Bamboo flute: Huang Kai

Erhu: Wang Na

          The steps to the pavilion are verdurous. The lush scenery reflects on the water as the vibrant melodies of "Clear Reflections" begins to play. In this performance, the interweaving sounds of erhu (two-stringed fiddle), bamboo flute and guzheng (Chinese zither) allow you to become immersed in the imagery and feel the vitality and charm of ancient times this autumn.

Chinese instrument 'yangqin' trio 'Big Fish'

Composer: Qian Lei

Adaptation: Huang He, Zhai Mengfei

Yangqin: Xia Yang, Zhai Mengfei, Bian Xinkai

          The legend of the "Big Fish" is like a nursery rhyme; it comes from the past yet touches our hearts. In this version, a harmonious yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer) trio adds a sense of gentleness and clarity to this piece.