Sichuan, More than Pandas

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This short video series introduces the rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions in Sichuan province. The videos feature celebrated ancient poets who once lived in Sichuan and wrote beautiful Mid-Autumn themed poems; traditional Sichuan cuisine and their stories and pandas and their habitats. 

Poetry in Sichuan


1, Poetry in Sichuan - Du Fu《诗润天府》杜甫 Click to view video

2, Poetry in Sichuan - Li Bai 《诗润天府》李白 Click to view Video

Poetry in Sichuan - Su Dongpo《诗润天府》苏东坡 Click to view video

Poetry in Sichuan - Chen Ziang《诗润天府》陈子昂 Click to view video



A visit to the Home Town of Pandas


Episod 1

Episod 2

Episod 3

Episod 4



Sichuan food 

1, Spicy Sichuan - Chicken Salad in boiled oil 熟油凉拌鸡 Click here to view video

2, Spicy Sichuan - Stir-Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce 麻婆豆腐 Click here to view video

3, Spicy Sichuan - Lajie's Hotpot Recipe 辣姐火锅 Click here to view video

4, Spicy Sichuan - Assorted Pickles 泡菜什锦 click here to view video