Online Quiz on Heritage of Luxembourg and China and Win You a Prize

June 07 is the UNESCO World Heritage day and a week late, June 13, 2020 is China's Cultural and Heritage Day. Luxembourg is proud to have items inscribed in all three World Heritage lists. Everyone shall cherish and protect our heritage because they are treasures of all human beings. 

How much do you know about world heritage in Luxembourg and China? Here is a small quiz about it. If you are a resident in Luxembourg and have right answers, please share this page on social media with your answers and @ccclxb on facebook or @ccclux on Twitter by June 30th 2020. The first 50 participants (residents of Luxembourg only) who have all right answers shall be awarded  souvenirs from the China Cultural Center in Luxembourg.

Here you go!

1, In which year was Luxembourg City’s Old Quarters and Fortifications inscribed in the World Heritage list?

2, Which site in China was inscribed in the World Heritage list in  the same year as Luxembourg City’s Old Quarters and Fortifications? Name one.

3, How many World Heritage sites are in China?

4, What is the name of "knowledge in China of time and practices developed through observation of the sun's annual motions" which was inscribed in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO?

5, What is the title of the Luxembourgish element in the Memory of World Register.

That's all. Good luck.


*Souvenirs would be sent to the winners who live in Luxembourg by mail or be claimed at our office. 


You may find all clues here: