Fighting against the COVID-19 together




We are facing a common enemy. Being united and fighting together is the only way we can win. China is the first country to have encountered the epidemic.

This 5 episode documentary  has interviews with people who have participated in or keenly observed China's fight against COVID-19, including doctors, volunteers and scientists who have committed to protecting people from the virus, for example, a Wuhan citizen who has self-quarantined at home for months and an indefatigable entrepreneur who has managed in transporting medical supplies globally. Prominent political scholar, economic scholar, and artist are also included. Although they have different experiences with the outbreak, they all seek to answer the questions addressed in the beginning, from the story about China's battle against COVID-19.

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In the fight against COVID-19, culture can help. The National Opera House of China produced an indoor video opera A Sunny Day and co-produced with Italian artists a music video Together. Artists from China and Italy are using their songs to remind the whole world that we are all together in this fight against the global pandemic.