During the Mid Autumn Festival, we can not only appreciate the brightest and fullest moon in the sky, but also enjoy the beautiful Chinese art online. Shandong is the hometown of Confucius and the birthplace of Confucianism. Since ancient times, Shandong has been home to many outstanding artists, and thus has been known as the cradle of artists. China Cultural Center in Luxembourg and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Shandong Province present more than 70 pieces of fine art works online to bring the two peoples together in the special festival to "celebrate the beauty of each, appreciate the beauty of each, and share the beauty of each".

           The Shandong Art Gallery was built in 1977 and the new building was completed and put into use in 2013, with a total area of 52,000 square meters and 12 exhibition halls on five floors. Shandong Art Gallery not only assumes the role of public art dissemination, but also has a high-level art creation team. More than 70 pieces of works are on display, including Chinese paintings, oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media and other types of paintings, all of which are completed by artists working in Shandong Art Museum. The artists work in different departments, and they make observations and creations with heart and soul on the basis of high quality of daily exhibitions, collections, public education, academic research and exchange activities. The works in this exhibition reflect on nature and social events, ponder on philosophical issues and focus on humanistic spirit, reinvent traditional art and innovate realism. It can be said that this exhibition presents a more comprehensive picture of the creative level of Shandong Art Museum in recent years.