Penglai Pavilion There is the name of human fairyland. Penglai Pavilion in the scenic area is one of the four famous buildings in China.

                 Shandong, meaning East of the Mountains, is home to 100 million people. This is China’s second-largest province, by population size, but a road less travelled by international tourists. Shandong people are warm and generous, and their local cultures and folk arts are fascinating. A lot of life is lived openly in Shandong, outside, and there is a variety of landscapes – from mountains to beaches – which present an array of fun activities, for travellers. With Mount Tai, Shandong has China’s holiest peak. With Confucius, Shandong is the birthplace of China’s most revered ancient thinker. Whether you are planning your first trip to China or you are already an old hand, stop by Shandong – to explore, to eat, to learn; to understand the past, with your feet firmly in the present, and facing towards the future.