Jointly hosted by Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and China Cultural Center in Luxembourg, and organized by Shandong Art Museum, “Beyond Seeing: Research Exhibition on Neorealism Ink Painting”, with 30-plus fine Chinese ink paintings of Neorealism being displayed online, endeavors to provide spiritual strength and pass on love and hope to audiences across the world.

          As the quintessence of Chinese culture with more than one thousand years’ history, ink art has not come to the end of its resources. Instead, by carrying forward Chinese culture, it has managed to realize a modernized transformation and is engaged in dialogue and exchanges with the world in the context of globalization. Brimming with new vitality, Neorealism ink painting embraces the following four ideas. First, a new type of humanistic care. Artists, while examining realities, must display humanistic spirit and positive energy. Second, expressing new social forms by paying attention to the frontier of social development. Third, a new perspective of observation, including the angle and approach of observing society and the differences in social perception and forms of artistic expression thus arisen. Fourth, encouraging the expression of innovative language by establishing innovative language style adaptive to current aesthetic demand. The more than 30 representative painters of Neorealism ink painting invited for this exhibition, though differing in style and theme, all depict real life through the medium of ink and express their feelings and love through their respective artistic languages.

          People-to-people exchanges has long been an integral part of cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. This exhibition aims to create more platforms and opportunities for deepened cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Luxembourg.